Monday, July 7, 2014

#INeLearn Chat takes to edcampHome 3.0 this week!

#INeLearn Chat is doing something different this week! Instead of meeting on Twitter at 8p.m. EST on Thursday evening, we are encouraging everyone to take part in EdCampHome 3.0!

What is edcampHome 3.0? It's an opportunity to join an edcamp from the comfort of your couch or patio! It is an invitation to learn from teachers all over the world using the edcamp model! It is the chance to participate in an edcamp where every session is recorded and you can share the recordings later! The event will take place online using Google On Air hangouts from 7-10 p.m. EST which coincides with our #INeLearn Chat time. We encourage you share your learning using the #INeLearn hashtag.

In order to be a live attendee in the EdCampHOME Google Hangout on Air, you MUST be a member in the Google+ EdCampHOME community by Tuesday, July 8th. If you did not make the deadline, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE!  What the organizers have done in the past is share the YouTube links for non-registered folks to view. If the moderator enables the Q & A feature, viewers can also ask questions and be a part of the discussion. As an observer, you can share your takeaways using Twitter and #INeLearn.

We are trying something new, so be watching for updates as we learn more on how to participate in EdCampHome 3.0.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

R is for Response

We've been using the Q & A format during our chats for the last year or so. The format came out of the need to help newbies (all of us really) identify moderator questions easier. Today I met a relatively new Twitter user who brought up an interesting point. She's lurked on chats, but has not felt comfortable responding with "an answer." She suggested that we use Q & R instead. As we talked about it, I was sold. The idea that learning is a series of questions and answers makes me why would we want to continue formatting chat this way. By deliberating shifting to Rs we are freeing chat participants to respond (R) in any manner that makes sense to them. Maybe it's a reply framed as an answer, but it could be a question or reflective thought. I'm really excited to introduce this tonight with Keshia who is joining me to moderate our chat on digital reading and writing. Here's what it will look like:

Q1 In the last 5yrs (w/tech advancements) how has/could have teaching writing or reading​ changed? #INeLearn
R1: Share your thoughts #INeLearn


Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's almost time for ISTE

Tonight's chat topic is ISTE themed. John Keller, who is guest moderating for us tonight has served on the ISTE Board and is sure to have great insights to share with us. To prepare, we've pulled together several blog posts and resources to share with you:
Whether you are able to attend this national conference or will virtually participate by following along on its hashtag #ISTE2014, tonight's chat will be a great conversation about ISTE standards and what educators are looking for in edTech conferences in general. Do plan on joining us!

Friday, May 30, 2014

App Smashing: Twitter Google Doc Chat

App Smashing is the art of taking multiple apps (or tools) to complete a project, and last night we did just that during #INeLearn chat's hour of collaboration. While our time together did not result in a final project, we do have a Google Doc that can continue to be developed and refined. Ultimately, our goal is to design a Digital Citizenship Challenge that students and parents can complete. Given the ideas generated in the chat, the Challenge could incorporate local businesses and organizations. You are encouraged to visit the Doc and add new ideas or comments.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How Do You Manage 1:1 Devices Over the Summer?

Not only do we have a timely topic planned for #INeLearn chat this week, we will be introducing additions to our moderator team!

Earlier this spring you met Michele Eaton who moderates the 2nd week of the month conversations related to online and virtual learning. You also got to know Kim Hendricks our moderator for digital leadership on the 3rd week of the month. This Thursday happens to fall on the 4th week and this designation has a long-standing theme around 1:1 topics. Two elearning coaches will be testing out their Twitter wings as moderators as we discuss questions such as "What are some positive aspects of collecting devices before classes have concluded?" and "How might you engage parents and students in digital citizenship trainings over the summer?" 

Join us on Thursday at 8pm EST. If you're new to chat, Twubs is a helpful tool for both following the hashtag and automatically including it in all your Tweets. Check out