Thursday, September 25, 2014

We Always Celebrate Connected Educators--especially in October!

Each week in October our topics are tied to one of the Connected Educator Month themes. Plan on joining us!

October 2 A Time and Place for Professional Learning with guest moderators from @ICEindiana

October 9 How Do You Incorporate UDL into Blended Learning? Our moderator and online learning expert @lyonmi, Michele Eaton, welcomes guests from the PATINS Project to lead this critical conversation.

October 16 Excellence in Professional Practice is the third in a series on the ISTE Standards for Administrators. Join @evolvewithkim, Kim Hendrick, for this chat focused on Leadership for Change.

October 23 How do teachers encourage students to monitor their academic progress in a 1:1 environment? Moderator @keshiaseitz, Keshia Seitz, collaborates with guest co-moderator @education_geek to lead this conversation around student agency.

October 30 From Hometown to Statewide: Sharing What Works! Indiana boasts a number of school and district wide Twitter chats. For the final week of Connected Educator month, we are inviting everyone to come together on #INeLearn and share local collaboration as a means to build capacity across the state.

Friday, September 12, 2014

#INeLearn Chat Moves to a Later Hour

Overwhelmingly, the poll results show a preference for a 9 p.m. EST start time. Unfortunately, that does impact a couple of regular PLN members who are better served with the earlier hour. We will continue to poll participants as the first week of survey resulted in a dozen responses (not counting moderators).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#INeLearn Reminders Using IFTT Recipes

Last week we set up a Remind notification for #INeLearn Chat. We will use that on Thursdays to remind subscribers of the topic in the afternoon and at the start of chat in the evening.  This week, we've created a few IFTT (If This Then That) Recipes that you can personalize for your own use. These are set up for eastern time zone, but you can edit them for central time zone as needed. If you are not familiar with IFTT, you can learn more about the tool here.
IFTTT Recipe: #INeLearn Reminder with Twitter DM connects date-time to twitterIFTTT Recipe: #INeLearn Chat notification for Android connects date-time to android-notificationsIFTTT Recipe: #INeLearn Chat text reminder connects date-time to sms

Monday, August 25, 2014

#INeLearn in now on Remind

We've seen a number of you ask us for reminders when a relevant #INeLearn Chat is coming up. We understand that a busy school day might mean that you miss our Tweets on Thursdays, so we are partnering up with Remind (previously known as Remind 101) to offer you a more personalized message. To learn more about Remind and how it works, check out this post from last year's Web 2.0 Challenge.

There are three ways that you can subscribe to our Remind notices. Directions for each method are below. Choose whichever method is most convenient to you--use the app, visit this link and enter your mobile phone number or email address, or use your cell to send us a text.

Once you are registered, we will be connected and you will start receiving a text message (or email if that's what you selected). You do not need to download the app to use Remind.

We would like to hear your thoughts on how to best use this tool. It is our intention to only send notices on Thursdays prior to the chat and on rare occasions such as face-to-face special events.

Monday, July 7, 2014

#INeLearn Chat takes to edcampHome 3.0 this week!

#INeLearn Chat is doing something different this week! Instead of meeting on Twitter at 8p.m. EST on Thursday evening, we are encouraging everyone to take part in EdCampHome 3.0!

What is edcampHome 3.0? It's an opportunity to join an edcamp from the comfort of your couch or patio! It is an invitation to learn from teachers all over the world using the edcamp model! It is the chance to participate in an edcamp where every session is recorded and you can share the recordings later! The event will take place online using Google On Air hangouts from 7-10 p.m. EST which coincides with our #INeLearn Chat time. We encourage you share your learning using the #INeLearn hashtag.

In order to be a live attendee in the EdCampHOME Google Hangout on Air, you MUST be a member in the Google+ EdCampHOME community by Tuesday, July 8th. If you did not make the deadline, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE!  What the organizers have done in the past is share the YouTube links for non-registered folks to view. If the moderator enables the Q & A feature, viewers can also ask questions and be a part of the discussion. As an observer, you can share your takeaways using Twitter and #INeLearn.

We are trying something new, so be watching for updates as we learn more on how to participate in EdCampHome 3.0.