Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Digital Age Learning Environments through the Lens of ISTE Standard 3 for Coaches

This week's discussion is around Digital Age Learning Environments. Since it's the 4th week of the month, we are taking the topic on from the perspective of technology coaches. You don't have to be in a coaching role to join the chat. We are breaking our questions down by points in the 3rd ISTE Standard for Coaches. Join us at 9 p.m. EST using #INeLearn.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flying Below the Radar Screen

As announced last week, the #INeLearn Twitter Chat Community was nominated for a Bammy Award. For the next three days, we are in round one of the selection stage which is screening of "public influence and popularity within the education community." We must thank Amy Heavin for the nomination. Like many members of the #INeLearn network, Amy participates in multiple chats and her selecting to support our state chat among the other more prominent communities means a lot. 

I often think of #INeLearn as a starter chat for newly connected educators. We want to be a springboard for developing and expanding educators' professional learning. We are also that chat to return home for. It is, after all, a state chat and our members have common experiences. At the same time, we need our members to bring back new ideas and insights from beyond our shared experiences. 

We are not the oldest of the state chats, but we are certainly part of the first wave. I have been honored the last two and half years to help foster this community around a simple hashtag. INeLearn started out as a means for spreading the work of the Office of eLearning, but it has evolved to become a network of educators who share a passion for improving students' learning experiences through the thoughtful integration of technology. Our discussions span multiple aspects of this work and yet always come back to one central focus--relationships. However you have come to know and be a part of INeLearn, I hope you consider sharing your story with the rest of the education world.

According to the Bammy Award's selection process, "The nominees with the most votes in a category automatically receive the Educator's Voice Awards and become eligible for consideration by the Academy for the Bammy Award in their category. The open nomination and voting for the Educator's Voice Awards allows for the discovery of new people, programs and organizations who are making a difference in education but may be below the radar screen of the education community." 

If you believe #INeLearn should be on others' radar, then take a few minutes to vote for our community. Just go to our nomination page, register, and cast a vote. Your ratings and reviews will be displayed publicly. When @INeLearn spots it, we will make sure to tweet you a thanks on behalf of all the people who make up the #INeLearn PLN. 

Thank you for making our spot on the map just a little bit brighter!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bammy Award Nomination

We are excited to share that #INeLearn chat, that's all of us, have been nominated for a Bammy Award! Share the good news and invite anyone who has been impacted by #INeLearn to cast their vote for our state chat and learning network here!  More to details to come.