Friday, October 25, 2013

Meet the Student Tech Teams Who Will Guest Moderate

You're in for a serious treat when you join #INeLearn on Halloween night! Three spooktacular groups of students and their advisors will be co-moderating our big finale to the Connected Educator Month Twitter Chat Series. If you go to the Meet the Moderator Tab on this blog, you will find the bios of the Tweeters, and below you can sneak a peek at what these groups are all about. The kids have collaborated and developed what promises to be a riveting discussion around the potential of students as digital leaders.

The idea behind Plymouth Community School's eLearning Rockstars was to encourage and promote self-learning and discovery. It was simply a group of students excited about learning new things with technology. They soon became advocates for digital citizenship and innovation! A few members took to Twitter and became an amazing example of what it means to connect and engage educators while using social media in a positive way. Last year they had about fifteen regular members and this year they are up to fifty-five! The large group has been divided into teams that manage various parts like Webmasters, Social Media Gurus, the Helpdesk, etc. Allie Holland's role as the facilitator is to organize and encourage these students to become leaders and think outside the box.

The GSHS Student Tech Corps was formed in the Spring of 2013 and is made up of twelve hand-picked students from Mr Spradley’s Advanced Applications classes.  They are the best, brightest, and hardest working students at Gibson South High School!  

These 12 students spent the last few weeks of school meeting these objectives:
4) Lead training sessions for teachers on Google Drive and Schoology
5) Search and install subject area appropriate apps
6) Design a registration process for our G3 academy in July (summer workshops)
7) Design attendee notification process or G3 Academy
8) Design a process for chromebook distribution to students in the summer
9) Design expectations/objectives/rubric for Technology Corps class 2013/2014 These students continue to be leaders in technology in our school and are advocates for using technology in the classroom.

The Madison Consolidated High School Digital Leadership class is made up of 13 hand-selected students. Eleven of these students are freshmen and two are juniors who serve as mentors. The class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 a.m. - 7:45 a.m. In this course, the students use the learning management system, My Big Campus, to receive announcements, participate in discussions, and complete assignments. Throughout August and September, students worked through a preparatory phase consisting of modules on digital citizenship, cyberbullying, online security, copyright & plagiarism, and social media. Now that they have completed the preparatory phase, students are creating digital curriculum on digital citizenship for their peers at the high school, along with the students at the junior high and elementary levels.   The overall goal with this curriculum is to make students aware of their digital presence online and to lead others in creating positive “digital tattoos” that will benefit them in their current circumstances and in their future lifestyles and careers.

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