Monday, December 2, 2013

A Special Hashtag for this Week #INKYedchat

We are celebrating the gift of collaboration throughout December by joining up with other educational Twitter chat groups. Our first joint chat will be with Kentucky educators who happen to meet regularly at the same day and time as #INeLearn. Rather than to list both group's hashtags in the chat, we came up with a special hashtag for the night... #INKYedchat!

We are also trying a format that is a little different than the normal #INeLearn discussion around a singular topic. This week we are making our way down a list of questions that people would like to see discussed. It should be a lot of fun and raise a number of potentially larger discussions that we can have in the new year.

Below is a Google Form where you can share a question you would like to see included in our chat on Thursday night!

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