Thursday, January 2, 2014

You're Invited to the First #INeLearn Chat of 2014

Join us for #INeLearn Chat tonight. Realizing that many of you are transitioning back into the regular school schedule today or perhaps remain on winter break, we wanted to make this a fun, drop-in kind of event! You are welcome for the full hour or whatever bit of time you can share with us! Here's a sampling of what we'll be chatting about as we celebrate ringing in a new calendar year:

  • Offer a toast to connected learning ~ In October 2013 we had a month full of Connected Educator events. How did you benefit from being connected in 2013? How do you plan to stay or become connected in 2014?

  • Add your 2013 #eduwin ~ What is something that went well in '13 that you plan to continue growing or supporting?

  • Share your education resolution for 2014 ~ As you think about education in general, what is something we should resolve to do or resolve not to do that can impact our classrooms, schools and communities?

  • What is on your reading list for 2014? Books that you haven't got to or that are soon to be published, organizational publications, bloggers and Tweeters...we want to know what will feed you in the new year!

  • We will be taking topic suggestions for the New Year ~ #INeLearn Chat exists so that educators around the state can come together to discuss topics relevant to digital learning and the transformative potential and challenges that being connected brings to the classroom. We proudly encourage student voice in our chats and were able to highlight this more prominently in 2013. We also tested out a couple of collaborative chats in November and December and remain open to honorary Hoosiers joining us. Whether you are a regular or just joining for the first time, what types of conversations would you like to see taking place in 2014?

  • Anytime between 8-9 p.m. EST, we invite you to send a tweet and include the hashtag #INeLearn to say hello. If you are new to Twitter Chat, visit the New to Chat tab for tips on getting started.

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