Thursday, February 20, 2014

And the Survey Says...

Does this phrase bring a television game show classic to mind? When I was a kid, Richard Dawson hosted Family Feud. After contestants had given their answer, we'd wait for Dawson to shout this with a sweeping arm to the monitor to see just what that survey of 100 people revealed. The control of the game went to the person who guessed the most popular answer.

Today, our society's attitude toward technology covers a wide range of perspective. As schools look to integrate educational technology, it makes sense to be informed about stakeholders' views and concerns related to the topic. Guess work may get you far on Family Feud, but it's unlikely to leave you feeling like a winner at a parent information night or school board meeting. Your team's success in connecting with your audience depends on knowing what specifically needs to be addressed.

The Speak Up Survey, a national initiative of Project Tomorrow, is a free suite of online surveys and reports that collect data from students, educators, parents and community stakeholders. The results are shared at the national, state and local levels. To learn more about the methodology of the study, click here.

For tonight's chat, we will be looking at our state's results on the parent survey that was offered this fall. Since we have just an hour to discuss the significance of the information and how it can provide meaningful input in the planning and implementation process, we will be sharing snippets from 8-9 p.m. EST. You may like to look over the complete results here.

If your district did not participate in the Speak Up Survey this year and you are interested in learning how to share this resource with your leadership, this presentation by Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer at Project Tomorrow, is a great place to start.

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