Monday, March 10, 2014

New Moderators Join #INeLearn Chat as Regulars

It has been my goal as our regular moderator to develop a team to move the #INeLearn chat into the next stage of development. While I am privileged to facilitate this work, I feel strongly that the more voices involved, the stronger our network.

Over the last year and a half, our #INeLearn chat has welcomed several guest moderators who either had a driving question they wanted to share with the network or an area of expertise that they were willing to construct a conversation around. I personally love these guest visits as they brought variety to our chats. And we will continue to welcome topic suggestions and guest moderators to #INeLearn Thursday nights. But we are also introducing a slightly more structured calendar.

This month I'm excited to announce that we now have a moderator team! Joining me are Michele Eaton and Kim Hendricks. You can learn more about each of these educator leaders on the Meet the Moderators page. Michele will be leading the 2nd Thursday chats with a focus on virtual and blended learning settings. Kim has taken on our 3rd Thursday chats and will be engaging the group in discussions around digital leadership. Our 4th Thursdays will continue to have a 1:1 emphasis. I look forward to introducing more guest moderators from the Coach Community for these chats. When we have a 5 week month, we will be using the People's Choice format for selecting a topic.  The first week of the month will remain flexible.    

I must thank all of our #INeLearn network members who are making this project a success!  I will continue to moderate, but really look forward to engaging more fully as a participant in chats. Not a Thursday passes that I don't end the day on a high note. I encourage you to welcome Michele and Kim to the #INeLearn PLN. They have some great topics lined up! Check out the plans for March.

See you on #INeLearn,
Michelle @mrg_3

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