Thursday, June 26, 2014

R is for Response

We've been using the Q & A format during our chats for the last year or so. The format came out of the need to help newbies (all of us really) identify moderator questions easier. Today I met a relatively new Twitter user who brought up an interesting point. She's lurked on chats, but has not felt comfortable responding with "an answer." She suggested that we use Q & R instead. As we talked about it, I was sold. The idea that learning is a series of questions and answers makes me why would we want to continue formatting chat this way. By deliberating shifting to Rs we are freeing chat participants to respond (R) in any manner that makes sense to them. Maybe it's a reply framed as an answer, but it could be a question or reflective thought. I'm really excited to introduce this tonight with Keshia who is joining me to moderate our chat on digital reading and writing. Here's what it will look like:

Q1 In the last 5yrs (w/tech advancements) how has/could have teaching writing or reading​ changed? #INeLearn
R1: Share your thoughts #INeLearn