Monday, August 25, 2014

#INeLearn in now on Remind

We've seen a number of you ask us for reminders when a relevant #INeLearn Chat is coming up. We understand that a busy school day might mean that you miss our Tweets on Thursdays, so we are partnering up with Remind (previously known as Remind 101) to offer you a more personalized message. To learn more about Remind and how it works, check out this post from last year's Web 2.0 Challenge.

There are three ways that you can subscribe to our Remind notices. Choose whichever method is most convenient to you--use the app, visit Remind and enter your mobile phone number or email address, or use your cell to send us a text.

Once you are registered, we will be connected and you will start receiving a text message (or email if that's what you selected). You do not need to download the app to use Remind.

We would like to hear your thoughts on how to best use this tool. It is our intention to only send notices on Thursdays prior to the chat and on rare occasions such as face-to-face special events.

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