Saturday, October 3, 2015

Charting Transitions to Digital Instructional Materials

Has your administration encouraged innovative use of textbook funds for digital instructional materials or devices? If so, our October 8th chat will be of interest! We are excited to welcome SETDA to the #INeLearn Chat for a discussion focused on policies and practices. Joining our moderator for online and blended learning, Michele Eaton, will be Christina Fox, SETDA's Director of Educational Leadership and Research. They will co-host a conversation on Charting Transitions to Digital Instructional Materials.

On October 7th, SETDA will launch the Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Portal (DMAPS), an online database providing details regarding each state’s policies related to the acquisition of digital instructional materials. The goal of this portal is to provide a clear picture of each state’s instructional materials policies and practices to help encourage increased implementation of digital instructional materials. 

Site users including educators, policy makers and the private sector can review state policies and practices regarding the procurement and implementation of instructional materials in multiple was including individual state profiles, a comparison tool and via an interactive map that displays national trends. This work will help state educational leaders, and school district leaders on state policy related to procuring instructional materials (including non-traditional instructional materials, such as digital content) to best meet the needs of their students. In addition, instructional materials publishers, technology developers, and investors can learn more about the relative friendliness of states to encourage innovation with respect to instructional materials.

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