About INeLearn

INeLearn is . . .
1. The Twitter profile for the Office of eLearning at the Indiana Department of Education. Follow @INeLearn for updates, resources and general resharing of what's happening around the state and with organizations that support our work.

2. The #INeLearn hashtag is used for both asynchronous sharing and synchronous conversations. Include #INeLearn in your tweets if you want to share resources or questions with Indiana educators and school leaders. Asynchronously, the #INeLearn hashtag provides educators across the state of Indiana a central space for sharing. 

  • You don't even need a Twitter account to search the hashtag #INeLearn.  Searching #INeLearn leads you to resources and inquiries your colleagues across the state have shared.
  • By adding #INeLearn to your tweets, you are opening the door to collaboration beyond just your Twitter followers

    3. The Chat. On Thursday evenings beginning at 8 CST/9 EST when you use the #INeLearn hashtag, you are joining a live conversation--the #INeLearn Twitter Chat. For one hour, we interact in real time having a virtual discussion through Twitter. The weekly topics can be found on the Chat Schedule page.

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