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Over the past four years, we have welcomed many guest moderators and organization Takeovers.

The EdTech Heroes originated from work with the Indiana Migrant Education Program's STEM emerging technologies initiative. Educators were chosen from all over the state of Indiana to receive training on and develop K-12 curriculum around Drones, 3-D printers, Spheros, Go-Pros, Ollies, Fitbits and more. The energy in the room when they were all together was electric, and from that EdTech Heroes was born. The EdTech Heroes are passionate about utilizing technology tools to innovate, engage, and inspire. ETH is a PLN that will continue to expand, transform, and grow. The EdTech Heroes believes that all teachers are super heroes and are always looking to recruit new members to the group. Follow EdTech Heroes. Share with EdTech Heroes. Grow with EdTech Heroes. Be an EdTech Hero!
Chantell Manahan

Robbie Grimes is a champion for all things EdTech. Whether it’s helping users understand the collaborative, educational power of Google Apps for Education, building lessons in a school’s learning management system, or helping students, teachers, and parents recognize the importance of Digital Citizenship, Robbie Grimes’ passion lies in helping children and adults become better learners and consumers of information through the use of technology. Robbie believes that to be successful, learners must have the "knowledge to use and the ability to choose" the most relevant resources when it comes to learning, and high-quality professional development and training is key to that success.

Kim Hendrick presents at many local conferences including HECC, ICE, IASP, CELL, and many of the IDOE Summer of eLearning Conferences. Kim serves on the Indiana Department of Education eLearning Leadership Cadre (eLLC) with other leaders around the state. You can find out more about Kim on her website. Kim moderated 3rd Thursday chats focused around digital leadership topics in 2014 and will occasionally return to guest moderate.

ICE Board Members: Staci Trekles, Myra Lolkema, Tim Wilhelmus and Matt Stuve team moderate on 10/2/14 as part of our Connected Educator series.
Staci Trekles, Ph.D. is a faculty member and the Director of the Office of Learning Technology (OLT) at Purdue University North Central in Westville, Indiana. She has served teacher education for over 16 years, and continues to learn all she can about education technology trends to share with her students and with teachers in the community. She is currently serving as board president of ICE (Indiana Connected Educators). Staci tweets @instruct_tech, @PNCOLT, and @iceindiana.
Myra Lolkema is an Educationa l Technology trainer at Lake Central High School in St. John, Indiana. She currently serves on the board for the Indiana Connected Educators organizati on and is a MBC Coach. Myra has a BS in Journalism Education (BSU), a BA in English (SJC), and a MA in Curriculum and Educationa l Technology (BSU). Myra tweets @myralolkema.
Tim Wilhelmus is an Innovation, Curriculum and Technology Specialist. Frenetic Change-Agent. Playground Advocate. Learning Sherpa. Formidable and Renowned Swashbuckling Subversive. He works with teachers at all grade levels to re-imagine teaching and learning for the digital age with a focus on creating student-centered, globally-connected, technologically enhanced, personally relevant and highly collaborative teaching and learning experiences. Tim tweets @twilhelmus, @evscicats, @evscerev, and @ICEIndiana.
Matt Stuve is the Director for the Center for Technology in Education (CTE) at Ball State and joins the chat using@ballstateCTE. Learn more about the CTE here. Matt came to Ball State in 1999 where, for his first nine years there, he lead the creation of six educational technology programs. He then returned to his roots in ed. psychology to focus more on assessment technologies and the preparation and professional development of teachers via the CTE. He doesn’t tweet much but he has agreed to start again after a four year hiatus.

Nathan Davidson is an advocate for technology leadership and the innovative use of technology in the classroom. In his 17 years of K-12 experience, he led three different 1:1 initiatives involving Palm Handhelds, Android tablets, and Windows devices. Nathan is the 2009 Technology Advocate of the Year (ICE), former HECC Board member and Conference Co-Chair, CoSN Certified Educational Leader (CETL) and is a local and national presenter. Currently, he is the Senior Education Consultant for CIM Technology Solutions where he works with multiple schools districts to build leadership, instructional capacity, and vision to support the shift to student-centered digital environments.

John Wells considers himself an educator and innovator, constantly looking to improve what he does in the classroom to better help students learn and to aid teachers in utilizing technology in their curriculum. Through his work with EVSC's Community of Digital Educators (CODE), he has focused on the role social media can play in the classroom and the best practices on teaching digital citizenship. Wells is a father of four and enjoys photography and young adult fiction.

Yancy Unger is a passionate educational leader who works to connect the best educators with innovative learning practices. He presents on the topic of digital curriculum and curation through his work with Five-Star Technology and across the country at conferences such as SXSWedu. Get a preview of his Curators of Curriculum talk here.

Matthew Kitchens, a former advertising copywriter, lives in the Dallas, Texas, area, where he taught both sixth and seventh grade reading and English. Matthew has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and a Master's Degree in Education Technology Leadership. He now works as a Mobile Learning Coach for Lightspeed Systems, the developer of the safe-social-learning platform My Big Campus. Matthew moderated a chat on classroom management on 11/14/13.

Cyndy Harrison, NBC Learner Trainer, hails from Houston, TX where she graduated from Texas A&M University with a BBA in Marketing. After working in marketing and advertising for six years, she received a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston and has almost 20 years of experience in education including implementing NBC Learn into her own US History classroom. This is her first school year not being in the classroom full-time. Cyndy moderated a discussion on implementing digital resources into your instruction on 11/07/13.

Allie Holland and the eLearning Rockstars are from Plymouth, IN. Allie is an Instructional Coach for Riverside Intermediate and Lincoln Junior High in Plymouth Community School Corporation. She started a group called the eLearning Rockstars last year where 5th and 6th grade students learn about new tools and ideas in education. They are advocates for innovating the classroom. The group co-moderated a discussion on students as digital leaders on 10/31/13.

Diane Nurrenbern and the Student Tech Corps are from Gibson Southern High School in Fort Branch, IN. Diane is a mathematics teacher in her 24th year of teaching. Diane and John Spradley make up the Teacher Tech Corps at GSHS. The Teacher Tech Corps oversees the Student Tech Corps along with many other responsibilities. The group co-moderated a discussion on students as digital leaders on 10/31/13.

Lisa Cutshall, Melanie Torline, Jennifer Watson, and the Digital Leadership students are from Madison, IN. At the time, Lisa was the Director of eLearning for Madison Consolidated Schools and Melanie and Jennifer were co-teachers of the Digital Leadership Class offered at Madison Consolidated High School. As part of the iMAC grant consortium with the Indiana Department of Education, MCS has formed a student cadre and partnered with two other Indiana schools. Under the instruction of Melanie and Jennifer, these high school students are creating and producing digital content with a central focus around digital citizenship and leadership. The group co-moderated a discussion on students as digital leaders on 10/31/13.

Troy Guthrie, a second year educator at Edgewood Junior High in Ellettsville, IN, teaches 7th and 8th grade social studies. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma five years ago, he decided to return to school and resume working with youth. He completed his degree with IWU in 2010. Married to a 3rd grade teacher, he and wife Rachel have two children, ages 14 and 12. Troy led a chat on classroom management in 1:1 on 9/26/13.

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