Definition: A word or phrase (without spaces or symbols between words) preceded by a "#.'  Using hashtags:  You add a hashtag anywhere in a tweet to categorize your message. If your account is Public, the tweet is now visible to anyone. Clicking on a hashtagged word in a tweet will pull up other tweets with the same hashtag. Don't #spam by #overusing #hashtags--just use what's relevant to the topic and adds value. For more tips, visit here. How it works: Twitter aggregates tweets with hashtags into a stream. Imagine standing at the edge of a rushing river. The hashtag allows you to reduce the flow of information by pulling out the messages that have been tagged. @MrDeal24 and @hoosier_teacher have included the hashtag #INeducoach in their tweets. Even though there are dozens of tweets in the Twitter feed, by clicking on the hashtag, I pull up just those that are relevant to this area of interest.

Who creates hashtags? Anyone can start using (or create) a hashtag, but it is a smart practice to first search the hashtag to see if it's already in use. Below are hashtags that different educators or schools have started. There are many good examples of effectively building community around a hashtag.

Lists of Indiana Specific Hashtags

#apex discuss #pbl on apex slc at Decatur Middle School
#apexnt for Apex SLC.  
#BHMSD  Bluffton-Harrison Metro School District
#ChooseIPS used for magnet information
#csam for CSA Central Middle School.
#evscchat   Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation chat
#evsccode Community of Digital Educators (Classroom Innovation Grant program)
#evscnetwork EVSC technology-forward educators
#FCS247Tech  Franklin Community School Tech Team 

#ineducoach for instructional coaches
#INeLearn build your statewide PLN
#INPBLnet for Indiana PBL educators
#IPSgrads13 used for info on graduates
#IPSDAY1 used to share good news from the first day back to school
#IPSHOF used for the IPS Ed Foundation/IPS Alumni Hall of Fame
#JediValues used by @MrsUyhelji

#LPSelma Liberty-Perry Schools #lsclearn  Lafayette School Corporation uses this to share the great things and practices of the LSC
#mentone Mentone Elementary School (used broadly by outside groups)
Mentone Elementary School (used broadly by outside groups)
#MillerShift hashtag and chat for Noblesville Schools
#msdwc  Metropolitan School District of Wabash County #NHSshift Noblesville HS teachers & admin tweeting about the 21st century changes happening in their school P-Z
#PCelearn for elearning topics at Perry Central Schools
#pcscin  Plymouth Community School Corporation
#pcscpbl Plymouth PBL discussions
#PTSC Porter Township School Corporation
#TEAMLJHS Lincoln Junior High School
#Urey all things things connected to learning and activities at Urey Middle School
#UreyTech for Urey Middle School Technology Education Class 
#vmes  discuss PBL at Valley Mills Elementary in Decatur Township (Indy)
#WeAreWayne used as MSD Wayne Township's general hashtag and for their weekly chat
#wcsmission hashtag for all activities in the Warsaw Community Schools

If your school or district is using a hashtag that is not listed above, please consider sharing it by completing this Google Form.

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